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Does your dog also afraid of thunder?

Does your dog also afraid of thunder?

by Ronny

5 Tips that can help your dog

Fear of thunder and lightning (but also fireworks on New Year's Eve) is not uncommon in dogs. Even our dog Rocky is anxious, when a thunderstorm is coming. Once thunder and lightning, he hides, whimpers and barks. Where does this fear come was we never really clear, because this fear came only with age.

Therefore, we have with other dog owners, in the dog school talked with the coach and with our veterinarian and following 5 Get tips.

Remain calm and composed himself

As a dog owner you can not take your dog fear, but the condition of your four-legged friend can by its own calm and serene behavior greatly improve. Because your behavior rubs off on your dog. But you should refrain from reassuring words and comforting pats, even if it is difficult for you. For this would only reinforce the fear of your dog. So best is to spread peace and serenity and to ignore the storm and the anxious behavior.


If your dog is playful or very young, then you can also use it with e.g.. Distract Apportierspielen and treats. For applies here: The happy mood carries over. Another possibility, that you attack the dog brush and bürstest. This is relaxing for your dog and you signalisierst, that a storm is not unusual. Incidentally, this method loves our Rocky.

Complete a retreat

Eine anderer Tipp wäre, that your dog has a retreat. It should be a familiar and protective place, z.B. The dog box, or a spot under the bed, the bank or a table. In addition, you should close the window, so that the noise stays outside. Some dogs also prefer windowless rooms as a retreat such as. the bathroom.

Homeopathy, Fragrances and acupressure

If the dog is absolutely not reassured, then maybe you should talk with your veterinarian. Some dogs can Telligton TTouch, help a special massage technique. We ourselves have therefore no experience, However swarmed some of our "Dog Lovers" (Friends with dog) of this method. A further possibility are homeopathic remedies, which can relieve anxiety or help in stressful situations - here you should but necessarily with your vet talk. Even with odor messengers (a non-perceptible odor for men) you should speak with your veterinarian, These come in the form of sprays or collars.


This method should work very well, but we did not try myself, because here was the "owner" just too impatient. This method requires time and patience. Here is the dog with a noise - CD Step by Step to strange noises - like thunder, Firecrackers etc.. used. This training takes place every day with greater volume and the way you deal with his dog and ignored the noise.

We hope, you like our Tips, if you have questions or other suggestions, then this please post in the comments.

Best regards

Annemarie, Ronny & Rocky

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  • 20. August 2015

    Hallo Annemarie, Ronny und Rocky 🙂

    Voll interessant Eure Seite und vor allem dieser Artikel. Unser Hund macht sichimmer in die Hoseund jetzt habe ich ein paar Tipps, was ich das nächste Mal tun kann.


    • Ronny
      20. August 2015

      Gerne, wir hoffen du berichtest uns bald über Fortschritte 😉

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