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Does your dog also afraid of thunder?

by Ronny
5 Tips that can help your dog Fear of thunder and lightning (but also fireworks on New Year's Eve) is not uncommon in dogs. Even our dog Rocky is anxious, when a thunderstorm is coming. Once thunder and lightning, he hides, whimpers and barks. Where does this fear come was we never really clear, because this fear came only with age. Therefore, we have with other dog owners, in the dog school talked with the coach and with our veterinarian and following 5 Get tips. Same calm and remain as a dog owner, you can not take your dog fear, but by [...]

5 Tips - so swim and bathe for "dog joy" is

by Ronny
Many dogs love to run during the hot summer months by refreshing water, to swim and to dive Some even. But there are also dogs, the skeptical, have scared of water or even fear and therefore do not want to run around in the water. Today you get from us 5 Advice, thus bathing and swimming for "dog pleasure" is ;-) Hint 1: Dear shallow water than deep water Many dogs get panic, if they do not feel the ground under your feet, therefore it is important to begin the "swimming lesson" in shallow water. Running through water makes most dogs fun, relieves the joints and brings the [...]

Holidays with your dog – What you need to necessarily note!

by Ronny
The car is the ideal means of transport, If your dog comes with the holiday travel. The advantage is, that you can plan the itinerary itself, When you insert breaks can more your dog travel stress will spare. In addition, the car is the means of transport, the your dog is familiar even before the holiday. An additional advantage of a trip to the holiday, that you can take the usual food. Here are some tips: No longer feed them before driving (ca. four hours). But if mountain roads in front of you, then give your dog a little something to chew, thus the pressure in the releases [...]

Hello dear dog friend!

by Ronny
We are Annemarie, Ronald and our Cocker Spaniel Rocky, the founder and "heads" behind hunde-shop24.eu. We would like to introduce here briefly and warmly called you in our "Online Pet Shop" and a reader of our "blog" welcome. Here's what you can expect from us: We publish articles with tips on dog training, we experience or funny stories with our four-legged friends or on dogs Wellness ;-) because even dogs love relaxation. We also answer questions from our readers, test for you products and share our experiences with you. There will be interviews with veterinarians about health issues or education advice from certified dog trainers and more. Today have [...]